As a non-profit membership organization, the World Surgical Infection Society relies on input and work from a broad community of professionals, from high-income and low- to middle-income countries, who are interested in safe surgery, infection prevention and control, education and training, and quality improvement in global surgery. Our board members and collaborators are some of the leading professionals in surgery and IPC, and we have a history of working with key influential organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).


We are one of the only organizations that links surgeons, IPC professionals, microbiologists, medical officers, nurses, and other professionals to create practical and sustainable implementation programs for lower level hospitals across high-income and low- and middle-income countries.


Our work is necessary, exciting, and sufficiently different from anything done before so that there are no clear roadmaps. If you would like to join or support us, please see below for more information about membership.

Membership Applications

WSIS is an inter-professional collaboration aiming to improve patient safety where the need is greatest 


Rather than being primarily a social network, WSIS is built on active, ongoing research projects–both academic and in the field. We are looking for enthusiastic members of the healthcare community who are willing to help us conceptualize, develop, and carry out this work. We are particularly devoted to supporting and mentoring members from low- and middle-income countries, students and trainees, women, and other under-represented groups, as well as those with limited access to education and training tools.


Though our Board and membership includes professionals with varying levels of experiences, we are committed to operating as a group of peers, not a hierarchy.

Benefits for Individual Members:

  • A seat on various committees and working groups

  • Guaranteed ownership of any work that you do

  • Direct access to the board and advisors for one on one discussions

  • Training and mentoring from experienced professionals on the following topics:

    • Basic research

    • Writing manuscripts

    • Systematic reviews

    • Data analysis

  • Access to an international network of top healthcare professionals
  • First-hand experience on research, education,and implementation projects

  • The opportunity to pitch your ideas directly to the board

  • The opportunity to publish in our journal

  • Preferred access to WSIS meetings, tele-classes, and conferences sponsored by our partners

  • Certificates of participation.

Membership Tiers:

In order to accommodate as many interested members as possible, we currently offer a single membership tier with an annual fee of $15. However, if you would like to make a donation in addition to the membership fee, please visit the Donate page. You can indicate the project or project category you would like your donation to go towards in the Notes.


Corporate Membership donations provide critical support to all aspects of our mission, helping us sustain research and education projects, mentoring programs, a journal, and novel conferences/sharing and learning meetings. Corporate membership dues will only be used for previously agreed upon purposes. Budgets and spending reports are available on request.

Benefits for Corporate Members:

  • A seat on scientific advisory boards

  • Direct access to the board for one on one discussions

  • Preferred advertising and sponsorships in journal, meetings, etc.

  • Access to an international network of top healthcare professionals, a database and face to face meetings

  • Access to project proposals, planning and data

  • The opportunity to share products and technologies for expert review and input

  • The ability to say you are working with WSIS (use of WSIS logo by companies will be considered upon request) and a feature on the WSIS web pages

  • The potential for your training products to be endorsed by WSIS

  • The potential to influence new WSIS working groups, for example when there is a need to focus on novel technologies and innovations and their impact on SSI prevention.

Membership Tiers

  • Bronze: $5,000

  • Silver: $10,000

  • Gold: $20,000

  • Platinum: $50,000+