Rather than being primarily a social network, WSIS is built on active research projects. We are looking for enthusiastic members who are willing to help us conceptualize, develop, and carry out this work. We are particularly devoted to supporting and mentoring members from low- and middle-income countries, students and trainees, women, and other under-represented groups. 

Though our Board and membership includes professionals with varying levels of experiences, we are committed to operating as a group of peers, not a hierarchy.


  • A seat on various committees and working groups

  • Guaranteed ownership of any work that you do

  • Direct access to the board and advisors for one on one discussions

  • Training and mentoring from experienced professionals on the following topics:

    • Basic research

    • Writing manuscripts

    • Systematic reviews

    • Data analysis

  • Access to an international network of top healthcare professionals
  • First-hand experience on research, education,and implementation projects

  • The opportunity to pitch your ideas directly to the board

  • The opportunity to publish in our journal

  • Preferred access to WSIS meetings, tele-classes, and conferences sponsored by our partners

  • Certificates of participation.


Member agrees to pay to the Society an annual membership fee, due on January 1 of every calendar year. The first annual payment shall be due upon execution of the Membership Agreement. Subsequent payments shall be due on or before January 1 of each year thereafter, unless Member provides thirty days prior written notice that it does not intend to renew the membership or the Society notifies said member that the Society will not be renewing the Member’s membership. Each membership year shall commence on January 1 and end December 31 of the following calendar year. Membership fees are non-refundable.


Any and all membership privileges obtained through this membership agreement may be revoked or changed at any time with prior notice to member. The Member agrees they meet all membership requirements and will notify the Society if any requirements are not met during the time of the agreement term.

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