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College of Surgeons of East, Central, and Southern Africa (COSECSA)

December 6 - 9, 2016 | Mombasa, Kenya

Dr. Solomkin joined fellow healthcare workers at the 17th Annual COSECSA Conference. The theme for this year’s meeting was “Cancer care in Africa: Delivering safe, affordable, and timely care”. 

The meeting kicked off with the introduction of the new World Health Organization (WHO) Surgical Site Infection (SSI) Guidelines, which launched at the Third Annual Congress of OASIS Global in Nanjing China. The new guidelines introduced updated standards on timing of antibiotic prophylaxis, skin preparation techniques, and other perioperative factors.

Dr. Solomkin also discussed the importance of the pre-operative administration of antibiotic prophylaxis . In a 2015 observational study designed by Oasis Global and Clinical RM-Africa, we compared SSI rates following cesarean section at Thika and Kiambu Hospitals. In 2011, Thika Hospital had begun administering antibiotic prophylaxis immediately before the start of surgery due to an intervention spearheaded by Drs. Alexander Aiken and Anthony Wanyoro. Our study found that this practice had persisted at Thika Hospital and that the implementation of this single intervention showed significant promise in reducing SSI following cesarean section. Appropriate timing and dosing of antibiotic prophylaxis were able to compensate for poor sterilization practices, unit cleansing, and other challenges in resource-limited areas.

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